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October 1995 : Applying for an adoption

As early as 1995,  many spanish people used to apply for Southamerican children´s adoptions.

However, there was also a chance to apply for a Nepali child, through a Nepali Office in Barcelona. We finally decided the second way. Partly because my wife was in love with Asia, partly because I always liked high Mountains and Kathmandu, the dreamy destination of many of the young people of my time.

Applying procedure

Unfortunately, the process became a path plenty of problems which nearly reached to discourage us. Both, Nepal and Spanish authorities, delayed the legal procedures during two years, instead their promised delay of six months.

(Also, many serious incidents were taken place at that time)

January 1998. We decided to leave for Nepal.

Some worrying news came from Nepal :

-          Corruption upon international adoptions were brought to light

-          Ministry in charge was obliged to resign

-          New adoption rules were issued

-          Two Spanish adopting couples were forced to keep waiting in Kathmandu.

As a result of these events, the Communist party decided to declare illegal all private adoptions in progress as well as private Orphanages and agencies. Any new adoption had to be realized through the official Orphanat of “Bal Mandir, Naxal”, represented by the N.C.O Office (Nepal Children Organization)

Notice : Up to this date, free adoptions were authorized directly between adopter´s couples and children´s relatives. It only needed to be represented by a private Nepali agency which had to manage  the procedure documents with Nepali authorities.

Meanwhile, the Nepali Office in Barcelona had stopped all pending procedures as well as the Nepali private agency in Kathmandu. So, we decided to leave for Nepal immediately under  our own responsibility, in order to complete our adoption request by ourselves.

Arrival at Kathmandu the 19th January 1998.

March 1998. Meena Ghale

One month after  without receiving any news about our adoption request, the 16th February, during one of our usual visits to the Orphanat, Meena was suddenly proposed to us ¡

It was the first little hope during all this hard expecting period. Unfortunately, it was also the beginning of an exhausting procedure which made us think on the possibility to stop definitely our purpose.

At last, the 7th mars 1998, we received the confirmation of her adoption from the Nepali government and the certitude to come back to Spain with our ,“now”, lovely daughter.





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